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"Back to The Future of Immunogenetics"


We cordially invite you to the East West Immunogenetics Conference, hosted by the Medical University of Vienna, which will take place in Vienna from February 25 to 27, 2024.

The motto of the conference is "Back to the Future of Immunogenetics".


Why take a journey through time to study HLA? When serology was the main method for studying HLA, we knew comparatively little about its structure and function. However, with growing knowledge and the development of high-resolution typing and bead array assays, serology has become less important and more of a historical interest. As the keynote speaker will discuss, there are still challenges that need to be addressed in the field of immunogenetics, and we need to revisit the fundamentals of serology to improve our understanding of antibody binding and improve the naming system for HLA.

In addition, we have managed to bring to Vienna distinguished speakers who will give us their views and latest news on the cornerstones of immunogenetics, organ and stem cell transplantation and the larger context of evolution and population genetics and the role of HLA in disease.

We are also grateful to the commercial manufacturers who support this conference. Their products and services are essential to the advancement of immunogenetics research.

We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you to Vienna, where the East West Immunogenetics Conference will kindle a vibrant exchange of knowledge, innovative ideas, and collaborative endeavors.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Gottfried Fischer and Tony Slavčev


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Note: We would like to point out that photos and / or videos might be taken / recorded at the venue. These can be published in print and online media, on various social media platforms and on the website of MedUni Vienna and University Hospital Vienna for the purpose of documenting and reporting on the event.


The regular participation fee is € 170, for students and technical assistants € 140. Please transfer the fee to the following account. Payment on site is € 250 or € 200 respectively.

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