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Vorhersage der Spendeeffizienz bei Thrombozytenspenden

Prediction of plateletpheresis efficiency

Platelet concentrates (PCs) are a valuable resource for counteracting thrombocytopenia-induced hemorrhage in today's clinical practice. Since PCs can only be won from human donors, special attention should be given to the reasoning behind the rejection of individuals willing to donate.

At the Department of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy (UTC), potential donors needs to have a platelet count above a certain level to be enlisted. If someone is already a platelet donor, the platelet count is registered, but even falling below that level will not get them delisted. In addition, this threshold is currently not dependent on other factors (such as weight, sex, hemoglobin count or others), eventhough it is reasonable to assume that those might influence the possible platelet yield during a donation.

The aim of this study is to analyze the data from plateletpheresis at the UTC from the last years and to develop an algorithm able to predict the probable platelet yield during plateletpheresis while also including other factors than the pre-donation platelet count.

Project lead: Dr. Alexander Tolios

Diploma student: cand. med. Felix Ebenberger